12 April 2011

Ways to Enjoy Summer Days

The heat is on! It only means one thing- summer is here.  There are plenty of leisure activities to do when summer season begins.  Here are some ways to enjoy the warmest season of the year with your friends, families or special someone.

1. Experience enthralling water sports activities.  Be thrilled by engaging in parasailing,  jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving.  All of these will surely bring utmost joy and never-to-trade-experience in your life that you would like to do for NTH times!

2. Spend a day or two at beach resorts.  Either black or white, fine or course beach sands, being a bum in the beach is the best way to spend summer days.  Enjoy the sizzling heat of the sun by playing freely all day and swim in enticing seawaters are treasured moments to experience in the beach.

3. Go to water themed parks.  If beach is not your cup of tea, then water themed parks suit you best.  Have fun in using the theme park's inflated water toys and water slides.  There are also water themed parks that has swimming pool area where you can have the utmost pleasure.

4.  Join summer classes such as dancing, cooking, swimming, painting or singing.  Make most of your time by not being an idle.  Enhance your skills or talents in your chosen forte.  This is a great way in making your day productive during summer.

5.  Island hopping.  The ever famous activity during warm days.  Explore beautiful islands from where you at and  feast your eyes with stunning panorama of one island to another island.

For me, summer is about enjoying the opportunities of spending time outdoors.  This is the greatest season of the year where you can enjoy whatever plans or vacation trips you have in mind.  Lists above are just some ideas on how to make most of summer.  There are still more than a thousand ways to have extreme fun during the warmest season of the year.

07 April 2011

For the Love of Sea: Dream Places to Visit

As I begin my journey in exploring beautiful places in the Philippines, I realized that I still have many destinations to go to.  With 7,107 islands composing this Pearl of the Orient Seas, I am still touring one and sixteenth of it or one and eighteenth perhaps.  Now, I came up with an idea to list the places that I long to travel on my next escapade.

 1. Malcapuya Island- this is what I call paradise, as everything exudes loveliness and tranquility.  A paradise that gives you the utmost relaxation.  It is located in Coron, Palawan.

2.  Caramoan Island - the far off island of Caramoan is what I think of as I began to search places that I dream to travel.  This had been the destination of the famous reality show Survivor, France edition.  Nothing compares of the beauty of Caramoan as the sands are sugary white and the waters are absolutely amazing! Caramoan Island is situated in Camarines Sur.

3. Pagudpud- on the northern part of the Philippines lies a stunning beach with pristine environment- the beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.  This marvelous treasure offers a photographic scenery and laid back atmosphere that is ideal to laze around from sunrise to sunset.

These are just some of the awesome destinations that I dream to visit in the future.  For the love of sea, I will make this dream to be realized and enjoy those quaint sights to the fullest!

DISCLAIMER: Photos used are from the internet.

06 April 2011

Off to Camotes Island- The Dream Paradise

My beach adventure continues as I wander the beautiful places of the Philippines.  I met a local who is very nice to me, suggested that I should give Camotes Island a try.  This island is situated east of Cebu, southwest of Leyte and north of Bohol Island.  Camotes is a sleepy yet enticing group of islands housing picturesque natural wonders that you will be captivated when you visit.
I did not expect that such serene and quaint white sands exist in this island.  Their white powdery beach sands can be compared to other famous beaches in the country such as in Boracay, El Nido, Bantayan Island and the like.  Sea waters are so blue that entices you to swim from dawn 'til dusk.
To relax after a long, tiring yet fulfilling trip, My Little Island Resort serves as my haven.  The place is good and perfect to chill.  It has a swimming pool just in case you feel like swimming in the pool instead of the sea.  What can I say? The resort is very affordable and exceeds my expectation of a good-find accommodation.  It may not be as opulent as of those 5-star beach resorts but at least this is decent for a lovely stay in Camotes Island.
As I continue to explore Camotes Island, it does not disappoint me.  I am very amazed of this place because I never know that a beautiful island with creamy white sands basks in this area.  I hope when their tourism will boom, may people still know how to preserve its sheer beauty like it has been untouched and unspoiled.
Oh Camotes! A dream paradise it is! I will frequent you for sure when I want to spend exciting and fun summery days and nights.  Camotes Island is worth every penny in your pocket.

04 April 2011

In My Quest for Quaint Places

As I continue to explore the beautiful places of the Philippines, I found two of the most precious treasures in the province of Negros Oriental- the Apo Island and Bahura Resort and Spa.  I was just browsing the internet and found those places.  I scheduled a flight going to Negros and packed immediately.  Awesome were the words roll out of my mouth as I stepped my feet in Apo Island.

This island is a famous spot to experience diving at its best and snorkeling activities.  It is listed as a must diving destinations in the Philippines.  In here, you will be rewarded with spectacular beauty under the sea.  You will get to see a wide array of amazing species of flora and fauna.  In addition, as you discover more about Apo Island you will enjoy seeing coral gardens, reefs and wrecks.

 After a short trip to this beautiful island, I relaxed my tired body at Bahura Resort and Spa located in Dauin, Negros Oriental.  I can say that it has the superb environment and accommodation that I have been to.  Its well-appointed guest rooms, modern facilities and quality service will never fail you to have the ultimate vacation getaway!

If you have none yet in your mind as you quest for quaint places, I highly recommend Apo Island and Bahura Resort and Spa in Negros Oriental.  See you again Bahura Resort and Apo Island!