27 March 2011

Lost in Isla del Fuego

You must recognize that most of my travels involved sea waters and beaches.  To let you know I am such a beach lover.  I worship the sand, sea and sun.  I love everything about the beach because it gives me the solace if I want to break free from the hustle and bustle living in today's difficult world.  My next stop in exploring the beautiful island of the Philippines was Siquijor.  The province is widely known as the land of  witchcrafts, voodoos and other third elements that do not belong to this world.  At first I was hesitant to visit because of what I heard.  However, all of those are just myths and fallacy.  
Siquijor or also known as the Land of Fire is an island province that is full of beautiful wonders.  This island province of the Philippines is bounded by Cebu and Negros on the northwest portion, Bohol on the northeast and across the Bohol Sea is Mindanao, which is on the southern part.  It is the third smallest province next to Camiguin and Batanes.  
In my fond of great beaches, I immediately booked a flight to Siquijor.  I am fired up to experience another beach escapade! As I reached my destination, sceneries are jaw dropping as I did not expect that it will offer me a great panorama that I could not imagine.

It was a lovely experience and I get lost with the wonders of Isla del Fuego that if I were to choose I would never wake up from the wonderful dream of paradise.

Stopping By at Moalboal

When I visited the province of Cebu, I did not miss the chance to stop by at Moalboal.  This sleepy province in the Southwestern tip of Cebu is bounded by Tanon Strait and on the western shoreline the island of Negros is very visible.  Going to Moalboal will take 2.5 hours drive by bus as it is 89 kilometers away from the city of Cebu.
The province has been dubbed as one of the numerous places in the province that has superb white sand beaches.  To know what Moalboal has to offer I stayed at HK Resort.  Sure enough, I was not disappointed with what I had seen- sugary sands, cool lucid waters and carefree environment.
From morning to close to dusk I dipped myself in the water, I could not get enough of how clean and fresh the seawater is.  I did not mind how the sun burns my body because I enjoyed frolicking around. The sunset also amazes me as it portrays a calm and nice scenery which is a food for my eye!
The resort on where I stayed provides me the convenience and good service that will definitely satisfy discerning travelers.  Its rooms may be not opulent but it will give you the best comfort you will need after a tiring swim in the sea.  Furthermore, it affords you a stunning view of the beach.
Every cent spent on my stay in HK Resort is very worthy.  Plus, the location of the beach is very accessible to Kawasan Falls, one of the most popular falls in the province of Cebu that basks in Badian.  Activities you can do here in Moalboal is its famous scuba diving, island hopping and snorkeling, but too bad I was not able to try those since I traveled alone.  Hence, I just opted to took some photos.
And here is an additional photo to make most of the time.

Moalboal is really a place to remember.  A place that gives me good memories and enjoyable experiences.  I cannot wait to have my stop again in the Land of Golden Sun.

Hideaway Escapade to Bantayan Island

In my search for a perfect hideaway, my feet brought me to the gleaming waters, white powdery sands and tranquil atmosphere of Bantayan Island.  This quaint treasure nestles at the western part of Cebu wherein you can reached the place via bus and then ride a ferry or ride a small private plane.  Oh by the way, there is a new means of transportation in going to Bantayan.  There is a service from MidSea Air Express in which it is composed of an 8-seater plane.  Rates start at around Php1,500.00.  Quite expensive though compared to the normal way of reaching the place.

I stayed at Sta. Fe Beach Resort which is just few meters away from the port and market.  It was a great experience for me as there were no local or foreign tourists who stayed in the place as I really needed time to unwind.

Sta. Fe Beach Resort offers great amenities and services.  Its rooms are well designed and provides you the utmost comfort of a haven.  The staffs are very friendly and so does the locals.  They help me to discover the gem of Bantayan from its beautiful islands to amazing historical landmarks.  

Everything in Bantayan spells charm and serenity.  An ideal hideaway to enjoy life that is away from the pressures of modern living.  What I really love about staying in Sta. Fe Beach Resort is that you can hop to its sister beach resort which is Ogtong Beach Resort.  In there you can enjoy swimming in the cave with brackish water or use its swimming pool with no charges at all.

I took advantage of exploring the place because it is not everyday that I will be in a near to paradise place.  If you cannot leave the life of being connected to the internet world, the resort has its own net connection where you can use.  In addition, to have the ultimate escape in Bantayan, Sta. Fe Beach Resort offers some leisure activities such as kayaking, island hopping and snorkeling.  All are in affordable rates.  

Surely, Bantayan Island is among the many beautiful places in the Pearl of the Orient Seas that I would love to visit frequently.  Amazing people, great food and extraordinary haven!