27 March 2011

Lost in Isla del Fuego

You must recognize that most of my travels involved sea waters and beaches.  To let you know I am such a beach lover.  I worship the sand, sea and sun.  I love everything about the beach because it gives me the solace if I want to break free from the hustle and bustle living in today's difficult world.  My next stop in exploring the beautiful island of the Philippines was Siquijor.  The province is widely known as the land of  witchcrafts, voodoos and other third elements that do not belong to this world.  At first I was hesitant to visit because of what I heard.  However, all of those are just myths and fallacy.  
Siquijor or also known as the Land of Fire is an island province that is full of beautiful wonders.  This island province of the Philippines is bounded by Cebu and Negros on the northwest portion, Bohol on the northeast and across the Bohol Sea is Mindanao, which is on the southern part.  It is the third smallest province next to Camiguin and Batanes.  
In my fond of great beaches, I immediately booked a flight to Siquijor.  I am fired up to experience another beach escapade! As I reached my destination, sceneries are jaw dropping as I did not expect that it will offer me a great panorama that I could not imagine.

It was a lovely experience and I get lost with the wonders of Isla del Fuego that if I were to choose I would never wake up from the wonderful dream of paradise.

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