04 April 2011

In My Quest for Quaint Places

As I continue to explore the beautiful places of the Philippines, I found two of the most precious treasures in the province of Negros Oriental- the Apo Island and Bahura Resort and Spa.  I was just browsing the internet and found those places.  I scheduled a flight going to Negros and packed immediately.  Awesome were the words roll out of my mouth as I stepped my feet in Apo Island.

This island is a famous spot to experience diving at its best and snorkeling activities.  It is listed as a must diving destinations in the Philippines.  In here, you will be rewarded with spectacular beauty under the sea.  You will get to see a wide array of amazing species of flora and fauna.  In addition, as you discover more about Apo Island you will enjoy seeing coral gardens, reefs and wrecks.

 After a short trip to this beautiful island, I relaxed my tired body at Bahura Resort and Spa located in Dauin, Negros Oriental.  I can say that it has the superb environment and accommodation that I have been to.  Its well-appointed guest rooms, modern facilities and quality service will never fail you to have the ultimate vacation getaway!

If you have none yet in your mind as you quest for quaint places, I highly recommend Apo Island and Bahura Resort and Spa in Negros Oriental.  See you again Bahura Resort and Apo Island!

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