06 April 2011

Off to Camotes Island- The Dream Paradise

My beach adventure continues as I wander the beautiful places of the Philippines.  I met a local who is very nice to me, suggested that I should give Camotes Island a try.  This island is situated east of Cebu, southwest of Leyte and north of Bohol Island.  Camotes is a sleepy yet enticing group of islands housing picturesque natural wonders that you will be captivated when you visit.
I did not expect that such serene and quaint white sands exist in this island.  Their white powdery beach sands can be compared to other famous beaches in the country such as in Boracay, El Nido, Bantayan Island and the like.  Sea waters are so blue that entices you to swim from dawn 'til dusk.
To relax after a long, tiring yet fulfilling trip, My Little Island Resort serves as my haven.  The place is good and perfect to chill.  It has a swimming pool just in case you feel like swimming in the pool instead of the sea.  What can I say? The resort is very affordable and exceeds my expectation of a good-find accommodation.  It may not be as opulent as of those 5-star beach resorts but at least this is decent for a lovely stay in Camotes Island.
As I continue to explore Camotes Island, it does not disappoint me.  I am very amazed of this place because I never know that a beautiful island with creamy white sands basks in this area.  I hope when their tourism will boom, may people still know how to preserve its sheer beauty like it has been untouched and unspoiled.
Oh Camotes! A dream paradise it is! I will frequent you for sure when I want to spend exciting and fun summery days and nights.  Camotes Island is worth every penny in your pocket.

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